The passionate hiker

The passionate hiker
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Sheep River Bridge: in memoriam

In the recent floods, we lost one of my favorite bridges, which gave access to the "other side" of the Sheep River, and trails less frequently traveled.

Here are some pictures pre-flood and post-flood.  This is testament to the force of water - combined with large trees.

The Sheep River bridge at Tiger Jaw Falls, 2012

Pre-Flood and .......
....Post-Flood (note, path of river has shifted)
Trees came down the river and destroyed the bridge
Heavy metal bar bent by the force of water
What's left of the bridge, 200 metres downstream
Finally here is a shot of the Tiger Jaw Falls and bridge in early June
just before the floods, with someone (who shall remain nameless!)
artfully negotiating the river

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